ACFL F2018 (RF2 VERSION) 1.35 OW


ACFL F2018 OW – RF2 VERSION 1.01



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OW UPDATE 14/11/2018

Fixed a bug in Front Hypersoft tgm

Updated all TGM slick wear ( now a little bit lower, reflecting the percentage values of TBC files )

Reintroduced Honda sound for Toro Rosso

Updated steering wheels of Sauber, Ferrari and Mercedes

Upgrade files for all Teams updated until the GP of Brazil

It’s a pity that You can’t find a painter for the gloves-suite driver textures…..the mod should be perfect.

OW UPDATE 31/12/18

Version 1.33

Version 1.34

  • V.1.35
  • I fixed a lot of things…
    1)        Fixed Bottas helmet texture missing
    2)        Fixed Force India cockpit position, including antenna and mirror position in external T-cam view
    3)        Fixed Toro Rosso mirrors ( not displayed ) in external T cam view
    4)        Updated GEN files for all cars, in order to show in Showroom Menù the steering wheel of cars
    5)        Updated Gen file of Williams in order to see in external T cam view the cockpit Motec ( missing in previous version )
    6)        Updated all helmet position in cockpits, now more realistic in the driver position
    7)        Updated all car camera files in some views



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